Here in Infinity, It is all About You.
Are you experiencing these situations in your current advisory business?

I have almostzero support from my agency leader because I'm a senior.

These are clear signs that your superior can no longer add value to you or your career.

I thought about leaving but the years of relationship with my superior is making it hard to leave.

It is time to make a strategic business decision to unleash your true potential.

My leader has offered me anextra compensation just to get me to stay on.

Most business owners place the interest of their business over their team & people.

At Infinity, you're never alone.

We are committed to building lifelong relationships and supporting our people throughout their entire journey. When Infinity and our consultants work together, we believe that anything is possible. At Infinity, we believe that the sky is the limit - You should be continuously progress in this career.

At our company, we are dedicated to helping our consultants succeed at every stage of their careers. Our goal is to nurture talent and at the same time continuously enhance our platform in which our people can thrive and advance in their advisory career.

Do you know?

Our culture: Infinity FA conducts weekly product & sales training!

Our Impact
The Place WhereLegacies Are Built.
Financial Consultants
Figures as of March 2024
1 in 2
Are MDRT Qualifiers
Figures as of August 2023
Up to 10+
Unique Training Groups
Figures as of August 2023
Leverage on Fintech
Firm's Proprietary Software i-NITIATE®
Branding Opportunities
Increase Your Exposure
Leads Generation
Increase Your Prospecting Opportunities
Our Promise To You
The 5Ps of Infinity

By following these steps, we empower you to achieve more than you thought possible in your career. Trust Infinity's 5Ps for comprehensive solutions and transformative results that will shape your future.

We provide the necessary expertise, resources, assistance, and public visibility to help you reach your professional goals. Our approach includes five proven steps: Preparation, Progress, Possibilities, Personal Growth, and Perseverance.


Infinity FA is known for its weekly training
that has grown many producers over the years!

Tailor-Made Training Prepared For Your Success

We aim to enhance your advisory capabilities and strategic decision making by providing a full-fledged knowledge base and skillset tailored to you and the growth of your career.
MDRT Producers Scale-Up Focus Group
Peers to Peers Business Sharing Focus Group
High-Net-Worth Action Focus Group
Seminar Selling
Soft Skills Training
Employee Benefits Training
Monthly Producer Sharings
The 5Ps of Infinity - Preparation

Be A Class Above The Rest With i-NITIATE

With access to our very own Fintech Solutions, i-NITIATE , you can always have the upper edge to deliver an unrivalled level of service, focused on the long-term financial success and security of your clients. This is probably the only solution in the market you can find that is built by practitioner FOR practitioners!

i-NITIATE  streamlines time-consuming tasks, simplifies collaboration, ensures regulatory compliance, and fosters a deeper, more strategic partnership with clients. It is an end-to-end solution stemming from electronic fact-find, preparing financial reports with interactive charts, building your own Website (in less than 30 mins), sending outbound marketing material and lastly even getting every client of yours their very own Client App!

The 5Ps of Infinity - Progress

Build Your Personal Brand

We ensure that you gain public exposure and firmly establish your digital presence online, so that you are able to cultivate trust and credibility with your clients, engage a sizeable, loyal customer base, and create meaningful, long-term relationships that translate to ongoing success and growth.

Overtime, we have created countless media outreach, branding awareness for our consultants and their end clients. Check out with any of our Infinity Brand Ambassadors to find out more how you can potentially scale and propel your career!

The 5Ps of Infinity - Possibilities

Get The Support You Need, At All Times

An integrated financial ecosystem with a full suite of advisory support features to serve the consultants at Infinity - supporting your vision at every step across 10 core support pillars.
Mortgage Loans Specialist Support
Group Employee Specialist Support
Personal Branding & Marketing
Medical Concierge Service
Client Appreciation System
Wills & Estate Specialist Support
General Insurance Systemisation
Corporate Seminars System
Compliance Checking Systems
Infinity Training Academy
The 5Ps of Infinity - Personal Growth

Leave The Hassle To Us. Period.

We ensure that we provide you with continuous support to minimize distraction and maximize productivity - so that you can focus on creating value and not worry about the backend hassle from day one. Our transition team is here to help you at every stage of your planned move.
Strong SOP & Briefing
Smooth Transitions, No Delays
Explaining to Clients
Fully Automated Transfer Forms
Our Infinity Cares TM  Program

Our new initiative, 'Infinity Cares', is designed specifically for our practitioners.
As practitioners ourselves, we understand the needs and desires of professionals
in the field. We have created this program to ensure that our practitioners can fully
engage in their vocations without additional concerns.

Our goal with 'Infinity Cares' is to set new industry standards, reignite practitioner passion, and reaffirm our commitment to the success and satisfaction of the professionals driving our business forward. This program is more than just a set of guidelines - it is a promise from us to you.

The 1st

In The Industry

Infinity Cares Program - Legacy Succession
Legacy Succession
In case of an unforeseen death, Infinity FA will provide up to *$1.6M accidental death payout to your family. This compensation is in addition to your existing package and aims to secure your legacy for your loved ones. We are proud to offer our market-first initiative, making us the ideal choice to anchor your advisory business.
Infinity Cares Program - Career Recognition
Career Recognition
Consider the possibility of your clients regarding you as an expert in a specific area such as risk management, investment, or group employee benefits. But we do not end here. We provide monetary incentives when you achieve these significant milestones with us.
Infinity Cares Program - Retirement Pact
Retirement Pact
When planning for your own retirement, we acknowledge that the challenge lies in how to retire without compromising the value provided to current clients.
Infinity FA recognizes this gap and aims to assist with the transition. Select a successor, participate in the handover process, and continue to receive revenue from the business. Infinity FA will authorize an internal agreement to prepare for this transition while ensuring that your clients' portfolios are still managed with care and service.
Infinity Cares Program - Club Infinity
Club Infinity
We admit it. We love to pamper our top performing producers. Every year, for each VIP qualification, we offer our producers the opportunity to travel in Business Class and receive an annual allowance of $2,000 and up to $8,000 for Double Qualification. We maintain a diligent work ethic, but also value the importance of enjoying life and creating memorable experiences with our top performers.
>5 years
Additional 0.5% x GR x Banding
>10 years
Additional 1.0% x GR x Banding
>15 years
Additional 1.5% x GR x Banding
>20 years
Additional 2.0% x GR x Banding
>25 years
Additional 2.5% x GR x Banding
>30 years
Additional 3.0% x GR x Banding
>35 years
Additional 3.5% x GR x Banding
Loyalty Appreciation
At Infinity FA, the longer you stay with us, the more perks you get - and we mean this. We value and appreciate your loyalty and consider you part of our family. After five years of staying with us, you will receive extra benefit - including up to 3% additional banding, on top of all other perks and compensation.
Best time to contact me
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#22-01/02, Singapore, Singapore 059413
+65 6730 9813
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The People Of Infinity Financial Advisory
Join Your Forever Family.
Be The Best Version Of You.
Featured People
Global Insights, Personal Dedication.
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Tan Quing Jue
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Lena Soon
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Infinity's Financial Advisor - Sim Boon Wah
Sim Boon Wah
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Infinity's Financial Advisor - Ng Jianda
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Our Values
The Best Investment We Make Is InOur People.

Creating Value

We believe in consistently creating and increasing value. Our goal is to always enhance beneficence for both our clients as well as our consultants.

Our Values - Embracing Technology

Embrace Technology

We aim to maximise efficiency through continuous innovation and advancement by fully embracing and implementing technologies.

Our Values - A Class Above

A Class Above

We have a resolute commitment to excellence that drives us to continuously expand the frontiers of knowledge and skills within our domain.

Best time to contact me
By clicking the “Schedule My Private Discussion" button, you agree to share your information with Infinity FA. For more details, please refer to our privacy policy at
133 New Bridge Road Chinatown Point
#22-01/02, Singapore, Singapore 059413
+65 6730 9813
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The Infinity Video Archive
How an Ex-banker Turned Award Winning Financial Consultant - Tan Chiu Min
For 15 years, Tan Chiu Min was in the private banking industry and she got into Financial Advisory industry since 2019 to expand her experience.

This video shows what many Financial Advisors like you look out for to kickstart their career.#OurStorySeries
New Perspective and Willingness To Learn Got Him His MDRT In 9 Months
Started in 2006, Thomas was a Financial Planner for 7 years and joined the FA for 5 years. He initially felt overwhelmed and struggled but overcame after he chanced upon Infinity FA. He was impressed by the trainer and learned to look at things in different perspective.

Thomas achieved MDRT in a year where others are in survival mode (COVID-19 pandemic).
showing true concern for a client is all that it matters - Renee Neo
"Clients will not care how much you know, until they know how much you care for them."

Renee recounted a case in her earlier years of a being an advisor which was particularly memorable to her and it left a huge impact.
find out Why This Veteran Advisor Move to Infinity even with more than 10 years of experience - yvonne huang
"You never know a mango is sweet until you taste it...

"Yvonne, a Veteran Financial Adviser Representative with more than 10 years of experience in the industry, recently took the plunge and moved to Infinity Group from another firm.

Yet, in just 2 months, she already hit a production level here which she had never attained before! What made it possible for her to achieve such a feat? Was it an easy decision for her? And in the first place, what made her leave and her comfort zone and call Infinity home?
super women in reality - MDRT Producers who wear different hats at Home!
In this video, you will get to know these MDRT Producers also work very hard in their families. Very often than not, they have to put in A LOT of time in their families to get things moving.

Check out what they have to say about work-life balance @ Infinity.
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